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Mortadella Ital Scic Pist

Product Details

Product ID: 55879
Category: Meat Cooked Imported
Brand: Felsineo
Package Size: 2X7KG KG

The only Mortadella with a black skin, produced only with high quality cuts of pork. The name itself highlights its elegant appearance refined taste and delicate fragrance.  This mortadella contains fine pieces of quality pistachio nuts.

Comes in 7kg pieces.

Ingredients: pork meat, pork stomach, salt, pistachio, pepper, natural aromas, antioxidants, sodium ascorbate, preservative sodium nitrate.

There are no poly phosphates, casinates, glutamate, fat or fat or rind emulsions, sugar, powdered milk or GMO's in the ingredients. La Sciccosa Mortadella is  gluten free. The Product is packed into casings which allow essential natural shrinkage during cooking.

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