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Branzi Dop (raw Milk)

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Product ID: 58042
Category: Cheese Fresh
Brand: Casa Arrigoni
Package Size: 8KG KG

Originally a summer cheese, Branzi is now produced all year round in the town it is named after in the foothills of the alps. Casa Arrigoni takes care to select the best wheels produced by Sant'Antonio farmers cooperative, in Valtaleggio, which makes only raw milk cheese from Bruna cows, fed mostly on local grass and hay. This cheese has a yellowish thin and smooth rind. The texture is compact with just a few bird's eye holes. Its straw colour becomes more golden with aging. Dry and mild, the taste tends to get stronger and slightly piquant in the ripest wheels. Italy's answer to Emmental.

Aging varies from 60 days to 6 months.

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