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Antipasto 3meat Dop Pre-s

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Product ID: 60038
Category: Meat Cured Imported
Brand: Sancarlo
Package Size: 10X100G CS

From the city of Piacenza, in the heart of the Emilia Romagna region, a territory renowned for salumi excellence, the Piacentini DOP dry cured meats are made according to traditions that respect the authentic and genuine artisan techniques of production.

The DOP designation is attributed by the European Community only to the products whose characteristics intrinsically depend on the territory where they are produced. COPPA, SALAME AND PANCETTA PIACENTINA DOP received the DOP designation in 1996. Piacenza is the only province in Italy to have 3 salumi with a DOP designation. No other territory in Italy can boast such high quality deli meats.

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