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Laudato Extra Virgin Oil

Product Details

Product ID: 60132
Category: Oils
Brand: Gabriellon
Package Size: 6X500ML CS

LAUDATO is the crown jewel of the Gabrielloni olive oil mill, a top-quality extra virgin olive oil.

It is a blend of 3 monocultivar (single variety) oils. Each type of olive is Hand-Picked in the family’s groves before it fully ripens and processed separately the same day as harvesting.

The mix of single oils gives the product a harmonious, mildly-fruited scent with subtle hints of fresh grass, artichokes and green tomatoes.

It is a sweet olive oil, with a slight spicy tang and a light bitter aftertaste, which leaves the palate with a pleasant nuance of almond.

The bouquet of scents and the final mix of  tastes bring out the best in any dish.

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