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Solivo Extra Virgin Oil

Product Details

Product ID: 60133
Category: Oils
Brand: Gabriellon
Package Size: 6X500ML CS

Solivo is a Gabrielloni extra-virgin olive oil produced by pressing a mix of different olives: Leccino, Frantoio, Mignola, Carboncella, Pendolino and others.

These varieties, harvested at just the right points of ripeness and processed together, give Solivo a lightly fruited scent, a sweet taste, the slightest spicy touch and a bitter aftertaste.

Used as a cold condiment, it brings the most out of pasta plates and boiled meats, also serving as a harmonious addition to vegetables and a customised touch for toasted bruschetta appetizers. It is perfect for preparing light, highly digestible fried foods.

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