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White Pearls Balsamic

Product Details

Product ID: 60244
Category: Vinegar
Brand: Malpighi
Package Size: 8X50G CS

The small and soft Malpighi white balsamic pearls include the Malpighi white balsamic dressing obtained from Trebbiano Modenese grapes, and aged for five years in small barrels made of ash trees, whose wood is selected to maintain flavour and thickness to the product, without altering the light color. The Malpighi balsamic pearls, fruity with a sweet and sour taste, are placed at the top of high gastronomy, and are excellent to enrich and decorate your favourite course.

Uses: suitable as an aperitif on canapés, finger foods, and to enrich and decorate salmon, oysters, Mediterranean mixed-fried fish, raw meat, octopus, lobster, turkey with tuna sauce, marinated tuna, vegetable salads, cold rice, cooked and fried vegetables, foie gras, cheeses and desserts made with fruit.

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