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Mariola Di Salame Italian

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Product ID: 60265
Category: Meat Cured Imported
Brand: Levoni
Package Size: 800G KG

 Mariola is one of the most prized charcuteries of the Po Valley, characterized by an extensive ageing phase. It is made by high quality trimmings obtained from the production of Culatello, Coppa and Spalla, minced together, and then seasoned with salt and a little pepper.  The meats are then stuffed in high quality bladders, called mariola, form which this unique salami takes its name. It can be aged for long periods, up to 4 months, during which it gets its spectacular taste and appearance. In spite of such a long maturation, MariolaĂ¢€™s meat remains soft while the casing boats wonderful natural molds.

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