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Spalla Cotta Tradizionale

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Product ID: 60270
Category: Meat Cured Imported
Brand: Alvedel
Package Size: 3.5KG KG

Spalla Cotta di San Secondo is one of the most typical and ancient charcuteries of the Po Valley. It consists of the front part of local pigsâ shoulder, deboned and free from the external rind. After the animals are slaughtered, the meat is processed with dry sea salt, ground pepper and small quantities of nitrites, aiming to preserve the typical pink color that characterizes this product. As for the traditional recipe, after 12 days of salting, the meat is bound by hand, left to drain, aged for about 1 month and then boiled at 70°C for 8/10 hours in a court-bouillon enriched with dry Marsala wine and laurel leaves. The Spalla Cotta is fully enjoyed when served warm and cut by hand. 

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