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Bitto Valtellina Dop

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Product ID: 60471
Category: Cheese Fresh
Brand: Casa Arrigoni
Package Size: 3KG KG

Bitto can only be produced in the summer, high up in the mountain pastures, as its organoleptic characteristics depend on the quality of grass eaten by the cows, which varies from slope to slope. Bitto is made exclusively using whole cow's milk from breeds traditional to this area, to which may be added no more than 10% goat's milk. Bitto has a regular cylindrical shape, flat faces and concave heel with sharp edges. Bitto is the best known of the Valtellina DOP (protected designation of origin) cheeses, with an unmistakable and intensely aromatic taste and flavour. Even when aged for just a few months, Bitto DOP has an outstanding mild aromatic flavour, more pronounced if the product also contains goat's milk. Slow ageing allows its taste to become even sharper and more intense. Bitto is a cheese to be enjoyed in small quantities. It is crumbly at first then melts in your mouth. The decisive taste of Bitto leaves notes of dried fruit, hazelnut, walnut, butter, hay and dried flowers. The cheese must be savoured at room temperature and eaten slowly, allowing its flavour to envelope.


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