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Our Goal

We strive to represent good manufacturers, big or small, who provide good quality products to consumers and help them achieve their dream of promoting what they produce and have been producing for generations by recognizing their quality, origin and culture. It is thanks to the partnership with these manufacturers that we are able to stay true ourselves and to our customers, from food to wine to culture and traditions new or old.

Our Team

At Valoroso Foods we share our passion for food as well as our dedication to continue to provide our customers with products we believe in and products that we love.

Our History

For 18 years, Valoroso Foods has supplied the staples of Italian and European cuisine to food devotees and culinary connoisseurs in the Okanagan and Canada-wide. The company was founded by Joe Valoroso Sr., one of thousands who came from Italy to North America in the 1960s with the ambition to provide more opportunities for himself and hopefully a future for his children and grandchildren. His dream has been realized and then some.

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