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Marmelade Orange Wt Peel

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Product ID: 60447
Category: Jam, Jelly, Spreads
Brand: Terra
Package Size: 6X240G CS
Description A young, modern brand based on centuries of tradition and wisdom. Terra Siciliae combines the best agricultural products of Sicily, using only natural preservatives and no coloring agents. From Blood Orange Marmalade to Premium Strawberry Jam, you can taste the contrast of the hot sun and the cool night breezes on the slopes of Mt Etna in every bite. These Jams are all quite particular and very indigenous to Sicily. In fact, the brand name is Terra Siciliae, which ties the product directly to the Sicilian land and historic agricultural crops of the island. The Pear and ginger, perfect for cheeses, is made from Sicilian pear, the blood orange and mandarin jams and orange blossom honey all come from the local citrus groves, the figs are locally Sicilian, the mulberry jam is from "I gelsi" trees that can only be found in the Sicilian countryside as well the Premium Peach, very different from the Okanagan peach in intensity of flavor and lastly, the strawberry jam, sweetened with orange blossom honey, is made from a type of strawberries that only grow on the Etna volcano.

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