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Portuguese Pine Nuts

Posted on Friday, March 9, 2012

Our mission to provide only the best products of the utmost quality has lead us to Portugal. 

Portugal's hot Mediterranean climate and soil conditions means that it shares many culinary traditions with Italy. Pine nuts are a classic ingredient in both cultures, adding a distinctive, rich nuttiness to to many dishes and popular sauces like Pesto.

Today, most Pine Nuts originate from China, and pass through a number of hands before becoming available on the North American market.  We believe that importing Pine Nuts ourselves, directly from a producer we trust, is the best way to ensure our customers receive a fresh, high quality, healthy product that is never stale or bitter. 

These Pine Nuts are grown, harvested, and processed entirely within Portugal. Pine cones are hand picked during the winter months.  They are placed in an open air terrace and dried naturally in the sun.  The nuts inside the cones are then removed and selected for perfection by discerning eyes.  The nuts meeting the ideal golden color, size and firmness are approved for washing, and packaging.  This entire process is managed with an immaculate attention to food safety standards.

The result is a richly flavored 100% natural Pine Nut unmatched by anything else on the market.

* Available in bulk and pre-packed sizes

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