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Introducing: Milano Salami

Posted on Saturday, November 5, 2011

In our search for a truly Italian salami, we often found disappointment with the products currently offered within Canada.  So we asked ourselves --Why not import an authentic salami directly from Italy?  We turned to one of our top suppliers- Montana Gourmet, the company that produces our best selling Montana Prosciutto.  Our quest finally came to an end with this pleasant discovery: Milano Salami. 

Milano Salami, named for it's city of origin, is made from pork shoulder meat . It is hand selected, then ground until the consistency is fine.  It is moderately seasoned with a variety of spices, formed into the salami shape, and then dry cured.  It is perfect for pizza's and paninis, since it slices well and cooks evenly under high heat. The flavor is balanced and sweet. Unlike typical pepperonis, it is more savory than salty, which allows you to control the salt in your dish. 

Milano Salami is a fine addition to our wide selection of authentic Italian charcuterie.  

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