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Oropan Authentic Altamura Bread

Posted on Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Altamura bread's  staple food of the peoples of the Alta Murgia region in Apulia is considered one of the finest and oldest types of bread in Italy.  The earliest documents describing Altamura bread dates back to A.D. 37!  In the old days, it was customary to knead the dough at home and then take it to public ovens to be baked. In order to distinguish the loaves, the bakers would stamp them with the initials of the head of the family.  A good Altamuran bread should be very crisp, fragrant, and golden like straw. Altamura breads are quite crusty, and last a long time, which makes them perfect for dipping.

Now, you too can enjoy the golden loaves of Altamura by visiting our shop.  Oropan, a certified producer of Altamura bread has shipped us a fresh batch of their small and large Filone long loaves, and Round Altamura loaves.  They slightly bake the loaves, then immediately pack them in foil bags and freeze them.  

Every day, we finish baking the loaves in our Forno oven for a freshly baked, authentic flavour. 

Come early in the morning and grab some, or else purchase the loaves frozen, still in the foil wrapper. Pop them directly like that into your oven, and soon your house will be so filled with the comforting smell of freshly baked bread, you will almost believe you've been transported to a rustic bakery in Southern Italy. 

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